Our YFIT programs are designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. We offer different programs that can progress from beginner to the advanced. Choose the program that will best meet your goals. Each program and current class schedule is listed below.

YFIT with Palmetto Health Tuomey

In January 2018, the Sumter Family YMCA partnered with Palmetto Health Tuomey and The Toumey Foundation to promote better health and well-being for 133 of their employees. Over the period of 12 weeks, the employees spent 1 hour each week learning new strategies and approaches to improve health behaviors and overall quality of life while juggling hectic schedules and life’s demands.

YFIT Program Review

YFIT Clinical Trial

Earlier in 2015, the Sumter Family YMCA partnered with Sumter Family Health Center to conduct a pilot study to validate the effectiveness of the YMCA’s YFIT programs. In its fourth year, the nutrition and fitness education programs are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make healthier choices that improve quality of life and reduce risk of chronic disease. The results of the pilot study are attached below, along with information on how to become a YFIT trainer.

YFIT  Trial with Sumter Family Health Center

YFIT Trial – Sumter Item – 2/1/2015

YFIT  Trial – Sumter Item – 6/29/2015

YFIT Testimonials as featured in Sumter Living Magazine

YFIT at Palmetto Health Tuomey

YFIT at the Birnie HOPE Center

Commit to Be YFIT- Troy Rogers

YFIT Camp- Randi Moore

Team YFIT – Mary Normandia

Team F.I.T. – Cathy Mason

YFIT & SFHC partnership- Sonya DelRio and Lucy Marquez

YFIT Camp & Team YFIT- Paul Krouse and Rebecca Gonzalez

Commit to Be YFIT

No matter our age, weight, height, activity level, or gender, we all need to feed  our body with nutrients in order to support all systems of our body. This 8-week program is designed to give you the tools, education and knowledge to be able to make the smartest and healthiest choices that support your overall health and wellness goals, provide and motivation as you transition into an active and healthy lifestyle.

Please submit your program interest form at the member service desk.